You Who Came from the Star — an attractive fashion show

In the last 2 months,  a Korean TV series called ” You Who Came from the Star” have spread the whole Asia. Audience are  deeply touched by the love between the leading roles. Besides the attractive story, the fashionable clothing of the heroine, Cheon Song-Yi, has also aroused people’s attention.

What are the brands of her clothings? Let’s follow a fashion guide of this series from a fashion columnist named Gogoboi .

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1. the Top 15 styles of Cheon Song-Yi

Gogoboi has selected 15 styles from all styles Cheon Song-Yi has presented in the drama. These styles will teach you how to dress fashionalable like a korean girl.

top15    top15-2

2. Cheon Song-Yi’s bag

Cheon Song-Yi has a lot of bags in this drama. Each of them is beautiful and fashionable. If you want to buy a good bag for yourself or even for your mom, you can refer to these.


3. Cheon Song-Yi’s sunglasses

Cheon Song-Yi’s sunglasses are characteristic. Unlike her clothes and bags, many sunglasses she has worn in the drama are not expensive. If you want to dress like  Cheon Song-Yi, but you can’t afford those expensive clothes and bags, her sunglasses is a good choice.


4. Cheon Song-Yi’s hair accessories

Cheon Song-Yi has worn a lot of hair accessories in the drama as well. These hair accessories made her look more lovely and charming. They are just like a finishing touch of her fashion.


About: These pictures are found from Sina Weibo, a columnist named gogoboi. More gogoboi’s analysis about the clothing of  ” You Who Came from the Star” can be found from: