A New SBS TV series, Doctor Stranger, is coming

A new TV series of SBS, Doctor Stranger, will be broadcasted in the coming Monday. Since SBS have broadcasted a lot of hot series this year like The Man Came From Star and The Heirs, Doctor Stranger has become much-anticipated. It’s a story about a man who was kidnapped by North Korea when he was a child. After he has become a genius chest surgeon, he flees to South Korea. He begins to work at the top hospital, but he feels himself like an outsider.Here is the trailer of this series, you can preview it.


The press conference of Doctor Stranger is held on April, the 29th. In order to honor the people who died in the Sinking of the MV Sewol, all actors have worn black dress and yellow bowknot. Here is the whole press conference of Doctor Stranger:

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Cook With Me: Doenjang Jjigae – Korean Soybean Paste Stew

屏幕快照 2014-05-02 08.28.09 PM

Doenjang jjigae is a traditional stew of Korean. It tastes fresh and salty. It’s English name is Korean soybean paste stew.Though this stew is very common in Korean family, it’s still tasty and worthy to learn. To make it taste traditionally, I have tried a lot of time . Finally, I have found a perfect way to cook doenjang jjigae. It tastes just like the one I have tasted in Korea.

Doenjang jjigae is easy to cook. The ingredients you need to prepare are:

屏幕快照 2014-05-02 08.29.12 PM

Now, please learn how to cook doenjang jjigae with me:


Learn how to cook traditional Korean foods with a native

Have you watched Korean TV series? If you have watched several of them, you must be familiar with Korean traditional food. As an important cultural element, Korea food has made a lot of people’s mouth water. Do you know how to cook these foods at home? let’s learn some traditional food which are easy to cook at home with a Korean woman.

1. Kimbab— Korean sushi

Kimbab is a very common food in Korean family. If a child will go to park with his friends, his mom will make Kimbab for him to take. It’s easy and convenient to do Kimbab.


2. Tteokbokki— fried spicy rice cake

It’s a common snack on Korean street. It tastes spicy and sweet. There are many vegetables in it and it will not take you a lot of time to finish.


3. JjolMyeong— Korean cold noodle

It’s a traditional food of Korea. It tastes sour and sweet. If you eat this in hot summer, it will make you feel cool and relaxed.

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Nami Island travel guide


Nami Island

Nami Island is in Gapyeong-gun which is 63 km away from the capital Seoul. The island has a circumference of 6 km. It is famous for its long and lateral flow. There are chestnut trees, birches, ginkgoes, maples and pine trees on the island. As the main shot spots of the famous Korean series, Winter Sonata, Nami Island has attracted a large number of travelers from China, Japan and many other Southeast Asia countries.


Winter Sonata


How to go to  Nami Island:

1. Get there by passenger bus: Take the bus to Chuncheon, Gapyeong Passenger Station at East Seoul Passenger Station. And then take the local bus or taxi to go to Nami dock.

the departure frequency of the passenger bus: 15 mins

length of time: 1.5 hours

2. Get there by train: Take the train to Chuncheon, Gapyeong Station at Cheongyangni Station. And then take the local bus or taxi to go to Nami dock.

the frequency of the train: 40 mins

length of time: 1.5 hours


Cheongyangni Station


the train to Chuncheon




Nami dock


the ship to Nami island















3. Get there by direct bus: Take the bus which can get Nami dock directly at Bone Tower Park, Insadong.

departure time: 9:00 am

length of time: 1h, 40mins


The main attractions of Nami Island

birches boulevard

You can walk or ride on the boulevard. The air there is fresh and clean. It will make you relaxed.


Walk on birches boulevard

Winter Sonata statue  

If you have seen the TV drama, Winter Sonata, you must like the statue. It’s a statue of the main couple in the drama. The statue approximates reality and will make you feel you are in the story of this drama.


the main couple statue









First kiss snowmen

If you have seen Winter Sonata, you must be familiar with the first kiss snowmen. It represents the beautiful love of the main couples. It represents the your sweet and memorable first love.


First kiss scene of Winter Sonata


the first kiss snowmen




Nami Lake

The scene there are peaceful and like a wonderland. It feels like there is nothing left in this world except yourself. If you have any annoy in your daily life, the scene will help you rescue from it.


Nami Lake


Special food: nostalgic box lunch

This kind of box lunch is very common in 1990s. But it is not familiar now. It contains rice, kimchi and different ingredients in the box. The iron box would be put on fire for about 10 minutes. Before eating, you should put on gloves and shake the box to make the ingredients mix well.


Nostalgic box lunch

IMG_7128  IMG_7138

You can preview Nami Island with the famous K-pop stars, Lee Teuk and Kang Sora, who acted as a couple in a famous Korean variety show named ” We Got Married”. They have been to Nami Island to date.

1. Look how this couple fly to Nami Island through the cableway from Nami dock. It will make you excited and can’t wait to go to Nami Island.

2. The couple has ridden bikes on the birches boulevard as well. The weather there is good and the tree there in summer is so beautiful. You will feel there relaxing mood trough this:

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Learn How to Put on Makeup Naturally with a Korean Girl

Korean makeup way is famous all over the world because of its natural look. When we watch Korean TV drama, girls’ baby skin always arouses our envy. Are they born with a perfect skin? Definitely not! Korean girl is so good at putting on makeup that make them look like wearing no makeup. So let’s learn how to put on makeup with a Korean girl now.

1. dewy glow base makeup

This dewy glow base makeup will make your face look more glossier.

2. baby skin base makeup

This baby base makeup will make your face look smooth and young just like a baby.

3. rosacea cover base makeup

This rosacea cover base makeup will make your face look ruddy and healthy.

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Seoul Traditional Restaurants Recommendation

When you travel to a foreign country, eating the food there must be an important part of your tour. But 
there are so many restaurants in Seoul, as a foreigner, how can you get the most traditional food in a 
limited time?

I have been to Seoul for a few times. There are some representative restaurants which are easy to find I 
want to recommend to you.

1.Grandma Yuan Signature Lettuce Wraps (Khuntoria Couple have also been there on a TV show named We Got 
It's a very traditional food. Though it is a little expensive, it is still worth to try. 
About 25000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro-Line1 Sinseoldong Station, Exit6,10. Or Line2 Sindang Station, Exit2 

2.Tusucun Ginseng Chicken Soup 
It's a kind of chicken soup. It tastes fresh. It is very good to your health. When summer comes, Korean 
will eat this to keep healthy.
About 24000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro-Line3 Gyeongbokgung station Exit2. 

3.Sauteed Streaky Pork with soybean sprout 
It tastes spicy and sweet. And it's very cheap.
About 6000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro Line2 Eulgiro1-ga Station, Exit6. Or Line4 Myeongdong Station, Exit6.

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You Who Came from the Star — an attractive fashion show

In the last 2 months,  a Korean TV series called ” You Who Came from the Star” have spread the whole Asia. Audience are  deeply touched by the love between the leading roles. Besides the attractive story, the fashionable clothing of the heroine, Cheon Song-Yi, has also aroused people’s attention.

What are the brands of her clothings? Let’s follow a fashion guide of this series from a fashion columnist named Gogoboi .

(Click to see the original pictures.)

1. the Top 15 styles of Cheon Song-Yi

Gogoboi has selected 15 styles from all styles Cheon Song-Yi has presented in the drama. These styles will teach you how to dress fashionalable like a korean girl.

top15    top15-2

2. Cheon Song-Yi’s bag

Cheon Song-Yi has a lot of bags in this drama. Each of them is beautiful and fashionable. If you want to buy a good bag for yourself or even for your mom, you can refer to these.


3. Cheon Song-Yi’s sunglasses

Cheon Song-Yi’s sunglasses are characteristic. Unlike her clothes and bags, many sunglasses she has worn in the drama are not expensive. If you want to dress like  Cheon Song-Yi, but you can’t afford those expensive clothes and bags, her sunglasses is a good choice.


4. Cheon Song-Yi’s hair accessories

Cheon Song-Yi has worn a lot of hair accessories in the drama as well. These hair accessories made her look more lovely and charming. They are just like a finishing touch of her fashion.


About: These pictures are found from Sina Weibo, a columnist named gogoboi. More gogoboi’s analysis about the clothing of  ” You Who Came from the Star” can be found from:




Monday Couple Met in TV Drama


Monday Couple in Running Man


Monday Couple’s first BOBO





Monday Couple in Running Man


Korean Monday Couple Gary and Song Ji Hyo met in Ji Hyo’s new TV drama, Emergency Couple last weekend.

As the main hosts of Running Man, Ji Hyo and Gary act this variety show every monday with role of couple. Audience often get excited about their interaction in the show and expect them becoming a true couple in real life.


Emergency Couple

Recently, Gary has published his new album and Ji Hyo has acted in a new TV drama named Emergency Couple.

In the newest episode, Gary acted as a driver for a scene as a guest performer. Ji Hyo sang his new song in the drama which helped him to advertise his new song. Meanwhile, she express her crush to the real Gary to this driver which made audience extremely excited. At last, the driver said:” I feel I can meet you again on monday”. It’s very humorous as there’s no doubt that they will meet on monday because of the shooting of Running Man.


Monday Couple in Emergency Couple

Monday couple’s interesting relationship has aroused people’s attention again. Here is the clip of their meet in Emergency Couple,you can watch their interaction in the TV drama through this:

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