Learn how to cook traditional Korean foods with a native

Have you watched Korean TV series? If you have watched several of them, you must be familiar with Korean traditional food. As an important cultural element, Korea food has made a lot of people’s mouth water. Do you know how to cook these foods at home? let’s learn some traditional food which are easy to cook at home with a Korean woman.

1. Kimbab— Korean sushi

Kimbab is a very common food in Korean family. If a child will go to park with his friends, his mom will make Kimbab for him to take. It’s easy and convenient to do Kimbab.


2. Tteokbokki— fried spicy rice cake

It’s a common snack on Korean street. It tastes spicy and sweet. There are many vegetables in it and it will not take you a lot of time to finish.


3. JjolMyeong— Korean cold noodle

It’s a traditional food of Korea. It tastes sour and sweet. If you eat this in hot summer, it will make you feel cool and relaxed.

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Nami Island travel guide


Nami Island

Nami Island is in Gapyeong-gun which is 63 km away from the capital Seoul. The island has a circumference of 6 km. It is famous for its long and lateral flow. There are chestnut trees, birches, ginkgoes, maples and pine trees on the island. As the main shot spots of the famous Korean series, Winter Sonata, Nami Island has attracted a large number of travelers from China, Japan and many other Southeast Asia countries.


Winter Sonata


How to go to  Nami Island:

1. Get there by passenger bus: Take the bus to Chuncheon, Gapyeong Passenger Station at East Seoul Passenger Station. And then take the local bus or taxi to go to Nami dock.

the departure frequency of the passenger bus: 15 mins

length of time: 1.5 hours

2. Get there by train: Take the train to Chuncheon, Gapyeong Station at Cheongyangni Station. And then take the local bus or taxi to go to Nami dock.

the frequency of the train: 40 mins

length of time: 1.5 hours


Cheongyangni Station


the train to Chuncheon




Nami dock


the ship to Nami island















3. Get there by direct bus: Take the bus which can get Nami dock directly at Bone Tower Park, Insadong.

departure time: 9:00 am

length of time: 1h, 40mins


The main attractions of Nami Island

birches boulevard

You can walk or ride on the boulevard. The air there is fresh and clean. It will make you relaxed.


Walk on birches boulevard

Winter Sonata statue  

If you have seen the TV drama, Winter Sonata, you must like the statue. It’s a statue of the main couple in the drama. The statue approximates reality and will make you feel you are in the story of this drama.


the main couple statue









First kiss snowmen

If you have seen Winter Sonata, you must be familiar with the first kiss snowmen. It represents the beautiful love of the main couples. It represents the your sweet and memorable first love.


First kiss scene of Winter Sonata


the first kiss snowmen




Nami Lake

The scene there are peaceful and like a wonderland. It feels like there is nothing left in this world except yourself. If you have any annoy in your daily life, the scene will help you rescue from it.


Nami Lake


Special food: nostalgic box lunch

This kind of box lunch is very common in 1990s. But it is not familiar now. It contains rice, kimchi and different ingredients in the box. The iron box would be put on fire for about 10 minutes. Before eating, you should put on gloves and shake the box to make the ingredients mix well.


Nostalgic box lunch

IMG_7128  IMG_7138

You can preview Nami Island with the famous K-pop stars, Lee Teuk and Kang Sora, who acted as a couple in a famous Korean variety show named ” We Got Married”. They have been to Nami Island to date.

1. Look how this couple fly to Nami Island through the cableway from Nami dock. It will make you excited and can’t wait to go to Nami Island.

2. The couple has ridden bikes on the birches boulevard as well. The weather there is good and the tree there in summer is so beautiful. You will feel there relaxing mood trough this:

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