Seoul Traditional Restaurants Recommendation

When you travel to a foreign country, eating the food there must be an important part of your tour. But 
there are so many restaurants in Seoul, as a foreigner, how can you get the most traditional food in a 
limited time?

I have been to Seoul for a few times. There are some representative restaurants which are easy to find I 
want to recommend to you.

1.Grandma Yuan Signature Lettuce Wraps (Khuntoria Couple have also been there on a TV show named We Got 
It's a very traditional food. Though it is a little expensive, it is still worth to try. 
About 25000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro-Line1 Sinseoldong Station, Exit6,10. Or Line2 Sindang Station, Exit2 

2.Tusucun Ginseng Chicken Soup 
It's a kind of chicken soup. It tastes fresh. It is very good to your health. When summer comes, Korean 
will eat this to keep healthy.
About 24000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro-Line3 Gyeongbokgung station Exit2. 

3.Sauteed Streaky Pork with soybean sprout 
It tastes spicy and sweet. And it's very cheap.
About 6000KRW per person. 
How to get there: Seoul Metro Line2 Eulgiro1-ga Station, Exit6. Or Line4 Myeongdong Station, Exit6.


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